The “Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards” (FAIRS) reports are market access reports offering detailed overviews of labeling, certification and other import requirements for food and agricultural products.  FAIRS reports include summaries of food laws and standards currently in force in the EU and the different Member States.


EU-28 FAIRS Report (updated December 30, 2014)

The EU FAIRS report focuses on EU-wide measures and rules that affect imports of products destined for human consumption.  Exporters should be aware that there may be some variation among the different Member States in implementing EU harmonized legislation.  Imported products must also meet existing Member State requirements in cases where harmonization has not yet been finalized.  Information on Member State specific rules can be found in the FAIRS reports prepared by the FAS offices in the different Member States.


Austria (updated December 18, 2014)

Belgium and Luxembourg (updated March 8, 2013)

Bulgaria (updated December 19, 2013)

Croatia (updated December 1, 2014)

Czech Republic (updated December 16, 2014)

France (updated April 19, 2013)

Germany (updated January 30, 2015)

Italy (updated December 5, 2014)

Lithuania (updated February 24, 2015)

Netherlands (updated March 8, 2013)

Poland (updated December 24, 2014)

Romania (updated December 20, 2012)

Slovakia (updated December 12, 2012)

Spain (updated December 3, 2013)


U.K. (updated January 30, 2015)


The Offices of Agricultural Affairs in the different EU member states also prepare annual Exporter Guides describing national economic situations, market structures and trends, key players involved in export expansion, exporter tips and best high-value prospects.


FAIRS reports and Exporter Guides can be downloaded from USDA’s online database of GAIN reports.