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Last modified: April 5, 2022

Organics Certification

Beginning June 1, 2012, the equivalence arrangement between the U.S. and the EU entered into force.  This means that as long as the terms of the arrangement are met, organic products certified to the USDA organic or EU organic standards may be labeled and sold as organic in both countries.  This applies to all U.S. organic products exported to the EU, with the exception of crops produced using antibiotics (streptomycin for fire blight control in apples and pears).

U.S. organic products exported to the EU under his agreement must be accompanied by an EU certificate completed by a USDA-AMS-accredited certifying agent.  The list of USDA accredited agents is available from the USDA AMS website.

The EU has implemented a new system of electronic Certificates of Inspection for imports of organic products in the Union as of October 19 2017. The electronic certificates replace the paper-based certificates of inspection. The electronic certificates are accessible through the EU’s Trade Control & Expert System (TRACES).