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Last modified: December 12, 2017

Products covered by Veterinary Certification

In order to have a more harmonized member State application of EU legislation, Commission Decision 2007/275/EC publishes a list of animals and animal products that are subject to veterinary checks. Products subject to veterinary checks typically need to be accompanied by a veterinary certificate, issued by the competent authority in the U.S. Products that are not subject to a veterinary check do not need veterinary certification.

Decision 2007/275/EC also provides clarification on which composite products are subject to veterinary checks.  Composite products are defined as foodstuffs intended for human consumption that contain both processed products of animal origin and product of plant origin.  Basically, composite products containing a processed meat product are all subject to a veterinary check. Generally speaking, composite products that have more than 50 pct of dairy, egg or fish ingredients also require a certificate and there are certification requirements concerning the heat treatment for all dairy products.

Decision 2007/275/EC (Annex II) furthermore lists certain composite products that are not subject to veterinary checks, provided they are shelf stable and properly packaged and labeled.  Food supplements with less than 20 % of processed animal products are on this list.