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Last modified: November 30, 2017

Quantitative ingredients declaration (QUID)

On December 13, 2014, the EU’s  “Food Information to Consumers” (FIC) Regulation 1169/2011 became applicable.  Article 22 of the FIC Regulation requires the indication of the quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients in the following cases:

  • Where the ingredient or category of ingredients appears in the name under which the foodstuff is sold: e.g. “15% strawberries” on strawberry ice cream – QUID for strawberries or “35% fruit” on fruit pie – QUID for total fruit content
  • Where the ingredient or category of ingredients is emphasized on the labeling in words (e.g. “made with butter”), pictures (e.g. of a cow to emphasize dairy ingredients) or graphics (different size, color and/or style of print).
  • Where the ingredient or category of ingredients is essential to characterize a foodstuff and to distinguish it from similar products.

Annex VIII to the FIC regulation sets out the technical rules and exemptions from the QUID requirement.  The QUID declaration, expressed as a percentage, must appear either in or immediately next to the name of the food or in the list of ingredients.    The QUID requirement DOES NOT apply to constituents naturally present in foods and which have not been added as ingredients e.g. caffeine (in coffee) and vitamins and minerals (in fruit juices).  QUID declarations are not needed in a number of cases, e.g. when products state the drained net weight of an ingredient/category of ingredients or where an ingredient is used is small quantities for flavoring purposes.

Exemptions apply to:

  • Ingredients or category of ingredients covered by the indication “with sweeteners” or “with sugar(s) and sweetener(s) in the product name
  • Added vitamins and minerals subject to nutrition labeling

On November 21, 2017, the European Commission published an updated guidance document on QUID in the Official Journal C393.