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Last modified: January 12, 2017

Weight and volume indication

Nominal Quantity

The maximum tolerable error between the actual content and the quantity indicated on the label, and methods to check this are fixed in Council Directive 76/211/EEC, as amended.  A small “e” of at least 3 mm on the label guarantees that the actual content corresponds to the quantity indicated.  The size of the figures indicating the quantity depends on the nominal quantity:

  • nominal quantity greater than 1000 g or 100 cl: at least 6 mm high
  • greater than 200 g/20 cl but less than 1000 g/100 cl: at least 4 mm
  • greater than 50 g/5 cl but less than 200 g/20 cl: at least 3 mm
  • less than 50 g/2 cl: 2 mm.  The quantity must be followed by the unit of measurement.

Directive 2007/45/EC abolishes regulations on mandatory pack sizes at both EU and national levels.  The Directive frees sizes for all prepackaged products except wine and spirits, coffee and white sugar.  Mandatory nominal quantities for wines and spirits are set out in the Annex to Directive 2007/45/EC.

Net Quantity

Annex IX to the EU’s “Food Information to Consumers” Regulation 1169/2011 sets out the requirements for the net quantity declaration.